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Supa Gradient - Figma Plugin

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Supa Gradient - Figma Plugin

Supa Products
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Get supa-powers to create, edit and manage beautiful gradients like never before!

Supa features ⚡️

  • [NEW] Explore our new collection of 54 handpicked supa-gradients 🔥
  • Create, edit and manage linear/radial/angular gradients fills and styles 🧑‍🎨
  • Quickly adjust gradient angle or scale 🔥
  • Gradients styles picker: switch between gradients styles with ease 🎨
  • Add, edit and manage gradient color stops
  • Precisely update color stop position and opacity 📏
  • Fill single stop colors with existing solid color styles
  • Built-in powerful color picker 🌈
  • Copy gradient CSS code and use in your web projects

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