Supa Palette 3.0 - Lifetime

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Supa Palette revolutionizes the way modern designers generate, edit, and manage color palettes. This comprehensive tool enables the creation of harmonious, accessibility-oriented palettes, streamlining your design process and saving you invaluable time when building your design system.

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⚡️ Key Features:

  • Efficient Palette Generation: Swiftly produce palettes from a single color.
  • Extensive Palette Library: Access over 29,000 ready-to-use palettes to inspire and enhance your projects.
  • Save Palettes As Variables Or Styles: Save palette colors as variables or local styles for easy access and consistency.
  • Versatile Color Systems: Seamlessly integrate popular color systems into your projects, with 15 renowned options to choose from.
  • Diverse Palette Types: Master the nuances of color with 5 distinct palette types including Tint & Shades, Tints, Shades, Tones, Opacities, and Gradient.
  • Project-wide Palette Application: Save and apply your favorite palettes consistently across all your projects.
  • Comprehensive Color Modes: Adapt to any project requirement with 8 color modes: RGB, HSL, HSV, HSI, LAB, OKLAB, LCH, and CMYK.
  • Theme-Compatible Palettes: Craft palettes tailored for light/dark themes, ensuring visual consistency across various user preferences.
  • Intelligent Color Padding: Refine your color range with precision by trimming the gradient edges.
  • Instant Palette Guides: Add color guides to your documents effortlessly with the palette guide generator.
  • Enhanced Accessibility: Ensure your designs meet accessibility standards with an automatic contrast calculator (WCAG or APCA).
  • Seamless Export Options: Export palettes seamlessly to Figma Tokens, Chakra UI, Material UI, Tailwind, CSS, CSS Vars, and JSON.
  • Smart Naming: Utilize automatic, unique name generation for your colors based on selection.

About the license:

🔑 License keys are for personal or private use. If shared publicly, they are going to be disabled.

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Supa Palette 3.0 - Lifetime

56 ratings
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