Supa Palette 2.0 - Lifetime

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Supa Palette is an all-in-one palette generator, editor, and manager for modern designers. Easily create harmonious, accessible-first palettes and save countless hours getting colors for your design system.

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⚡️ Features:

  • Color systems 🔥: import the most popular color systems in your projects. Choose between 15 popular color systems
  • Explore +29K ready-to-use palettes
  • Quickly generate a palette from one color, local style or from a selection
  • 5 palette types: Tint & Shades, Tints, Shades, Tones, Opacities and Gradient
  • Save palettes and reuse it across all your projects
  • 8 color modes: RGB, HSL, HSV, HSI, LAB, OKLAB, LCH, CMYK
  • Correct lightness
  • Desaturate palettes
  • Undo/redo
  • Palette guide generator: instantly add color guides to your documents
  • Accessibility: automatic contrast calculator ( WCAG or APCA)
  • Export palettes for Figma Tokens, Chakra UI, Material UI, Tailwind, CSS, CSS Vars, JSON
  • Save palette colors as document local styles
  • Automatic unique name generation based on the selected color

About the license:

🔑 License keys are for personal or private use. If shared publicly, they are going to be disabled.

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Supa Palette 2.0 - Lifetime

51 ratings
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